August 02, 2005

Con-Air America Watch

Michelle continues to track the story of Air America's apparent skimming of government funding from local social services organizations in the Bronx.

Since the story was first picked up by the Blogosphere, AA has been all over the lot on these "loans", first denying they existed, then claiming it was all the doing of the previous owners of the network and that none of the current folks knew anything about it. Now they seem to have reached the, "Oh, those transfers!" stage.

Meanwhile, the missing funds continue to be, er, missing. According to Michelle, even Al Franken is beginning to hint that they might have been embezzled by former AA Chairman Evan Cohen. Previous stories about this matter have made mention that Cohen claimed he needed money in order to treat a brain tumor. It strikes me that this would make a perfect illustration of the expression, "Throwing money down a rat hole."

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