August 02, 2005

Content-Free Posting Alert

Robbo and the Family Llama are headed out on vacation Friday morning, which means two things:

First, the bulk of this week is being spent getting things off my desk and making sure they stay off my desk while I'm gone.

Second, my brain is running down faster than the Nationals' pennant chances. What little cerebral power I have left goes to the aforesaid desk-clearing and other critical tasks such as remembering how to get home in the evening.

So for the next couple days, posting may be more mindless than usual.

UPDATE: No, not Disneyworld. Been there. Done that. Never again.

YIPS from Steve: You know what THIS means......

And Robbo, when you're pulling the minivan out of the driveway, ignore the large truck from the local beer distributor idling at the curb down the street. And those wrappers from the new photoshop? Umm, nothing........


UPDATE DEUX: Minivan? Minivan? Feh!

As for the p'shops, just be careful a house doesn't fall on you. M'heh.

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