July 31, 2005


Glad to see Robbo is not the only one with single-parent weekend issues. The Mrs. blasted off yesterday morning after I got back from the pool. At first, everything went according to plan--made the obligatory home improvement trip, checked in with KMR, the Crown Prince and Princess LMC went down for their naps on time, and got everyone up and took them on a walk around the neighborhood (earning Sensitive Dad brownie points from the neighbors). The plan went off the rails when we got to the evening Mass. As soon as we sat down, I realized that my six month-old daughter's sun dress was on inside out (Robbo would not have made this mistake since he has seven years of experience with gels as offspring). Princess LMC became more and more fussy over the course of the service, finally prompting my 76-year old mother to lean over and quietly suggest it might be time to make an early exit. We did, and I used the opportunity to put the sundress on right side out and the Crown Prince and I split a cookie at Starbucks. All seemed well as my progeny and I hoofed it over to my mother's house for the customary after-Mass adult beverages. Once there, Mom had a laugh over The Sundress Incident and then compounded the embarassment by asking: "doesn't that outfit have a matching pair of panties?" How should I know? I'm not the mommy! The answer is, of course it does. For the female of the species, wearing a dress without matching panties means your kid is wearing only her diaper under the sundress--not just a fashion faux pas, but a fashion felony. Another indignity visited upon Princess LMC who will no doubt remind me of it when she wants $300 for a prom dress. Think I'm watching the clock, waiting for Mrs. LMC to get home? You better believe it.

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You have charged with Crimes Against Fashion - skip the trial and go for the summary judgement...

Posted by: KMR at July 31, 2005 01:02 PM
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