July 30, 2005

Lost Weekend Update

With the Missusess Robbo and LMC off on an overnight par-tay, I'd thought of calling the LMC to commiserate on the subject of placing hapless Dads on the firing line. However, not knowing my God-daughter's witching hour(s), I decided to refrain.

In the meantime, so far, so good at Casa del Butchers. We spent some time this afternoon putting new deer netting up around the back of the garden and then later all watched The Incredibles together. I love this movie more and more every time I see it. And while much of it goes rocketing right over the heads of the Llama-ettes, I am sure some of the more basic points stick.

Nonetheless, it has not all been smooth sailing. Memorable Quote of the Day - Self to the three year old: "If you pee in your undies one more time, I'm going to buy a crododile just so I can feed you to it!"

Tomorrow should prove interesting: I've pulled duty as chief usher at church. While I can get rid of the three and five year olds in the playroom downstairs, my seven year old is hell-bent, as it were, on helping me. She seems to get a particular gleam in her eyes when we discuss the Offeratory. Perhaps she has a future as a Mob enforcer.

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Partly because we were running low and doing laundry out of sequence because of the problem, pissy undies were getting to be pretty fraught at our house, and I went to Target and bought four packs, total 19 panties, and now mistakes aren't any less frequent but they cause less angst.

Posted by: dave s at July 31, 2005 07:24 AM
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