July 29, 2005

The Right Woman For The Times

Steve-O got folks talking about the POTUS-Chick thing earlier today.

It strikes me that everybody is overlooking the obvious candidate:


"Madame President Janeway" has a nice ring about it, doncha think?

N.B. - I was googling around for a pic of her and her obvious chick-twofer Veep choice (Seven). It's amazing what naughty minds some people have......

Posted by Robert at July 29, 2005 05:27 PM | TrackBack

What would I do in a Janeway v. Dana Delaney presidential race? I mean, other than spending a disturbing 45 minutes in the voting booth....

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at July 29, 2005 06:28 PM

I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but I gotta call out a loud "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" on this one...

You know, her real life husband tried to run for Governor of Ohio...I heard enough of Captain Janeway's political views then to know that she ain't who I'm looking for...

I much prefer Dayton, OH's own CJ Craig to Captain Janeway...thanks...

Posted by: Matt Hurley at July 30, 2005 12:41 PM
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