July 27, 2005


Speaking for Robbo and myself, we've come to truly enjoy blogging here at our Moo-Knew home, aided and abbetted in our criminally seditious libel n' hijinks by the wise defenestrations of the all-seeing and all-knowing poo-bah of Moo Knew Mu Shu Domain of Doom, the Right Reverend Pixy Misa.

The only down side to mu.nu (other than sharing domain space with those pesky Jawas) is that they're proliferating faster than Tribbles on good Shenandoah I-81 Crank: there's something like 50 of them just since May, it seems.

Anyhoo, one nifty new moo-knewer you should become acquainted with is Princess Cat over at A Swift Kick and A Band-Aid. Lots of ribaldry and wry commentary, peppered with a hefty sprinkling of ye olde intellectual arse-kicking.

Needless to say, our kind of site.

UPDATE: Yips! from Robbo. Done and done.

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