August 27, 2005


Why not? As long as I am on a roll about pistols. . . Thanks to the good producers of "Tales of the Gun" on The History Channel, I now know that Luger was a finalist, along with Colt, to produce a semiautomatic .45 caliber pistol to replace the .38 revolver prior to WWI. Colt won the contract with the Model 1911, but one of the two Luger prototypes is still around (the other was destroyed in testing). Perhaps, Uncle Sam could license the design from Luger for a new .45 cal. service pistol. It would look right at home with the "fritz" design of the Kevlar helmets . . .

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And according also the fact is that TOM HORN tried to fire a luger in his escape attempt and could,nt becuase of the pistols complicated safty mecanism

Posted by: crafty curlew at September 2, 2005 09:01 PM
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