August 12, 2005


Weird story of the week - Frozen Plane Poop Smashes Into Austrian Home.

"A family who woke up when a window smashed in the middle of the night found a frozen lump of excrement on the floor.

Walter Fleischmann thought his house was being burgled when he heard a window in his son's bedroom shatter.

He called the police then went to investigate - only to find an icy lump of waste which had fallen from a plane.

Mr Fleischmann, 63, from Baden in Austria, said: "When I heard the glass smash I thought somebody was trying to break in and immediately called the police. It was very quiet though and so I got out of bed and went to have a look.

"There was smashed glass all around my son's bedroom and in the middle a big chunk of what looked like dirty ice. Luckily our son was staying at a friend's house otherwise he could have been injured."

The family's house insurers however are refusing to cover the full costs of the damage.

Local air space authorities who were contacted by the police confirmed it was a piece of frozen waste from a plane."

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Time to move, methinks.

Posted by: sadie at August 14, 2005 04:34 AM
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