August 10, 2005


Tony Blankley has a good column in the Washington Times today that looks at the coming "beauty v. the beast" match-up between Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro and Hillary for her NY Senate seat.

While Mrs. Clinton scores a 63% in the initial poll - before anyone has even heard of Pirro - he notes she has only one place to go from there: down. And in politics, as in sports, it's inevitable that her campaign will try to sit on this lead and play it safe. But that strategy is never a wise one.

Blankley writes:
"If Mrs. Pirro can mount a campaign capable of gaining a reasonable amount of attention acting as an annoying mosquito day after day and month after month, it is likely to bring out the most unappealing imperial manners in Mrs. Clinton as Queen Hillary ignores or dismisses each of the charges.

As her 63 percent lead dwindles to a still respectable 57 percent or 56 percent or 55 percent next summer, she and her campaign advisers may suddenly feel the need to do something. She may take a liberal stand on a few issues to rebuild enthusiasm in her base south of 96th Street. That may well save her re-election bid from embarrassment, but it would undercut her eight-year presidential strategy of pretending to be moderate."

In any case, it will be fun to watch.

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