August 10, 2005

Live blogging from Vegas....

In several hours I'll be boarding a plane bound for Atlanta, then onward to Fabulous Las Vegas. I was gonna live blog Sadie's wedding, but she went ahead with plans and got married yesterday.

If I had the skills of INDC Bill's Stalker I'd live blog their honeymoon, 'cept I wouldn't want make Sadie angry. She kind of scares me.

Posted by phin at August 10, 2005 01:32 PM | TrackBack

Good luck on trip. If you've never been to Vegas, make sure to take a liesurely stroll down the strip. Also, be sure to take every piece of 'literature' that is being handed out. Next, scan said 'literature' and upload to your blog. Lots of hits, I gaurantee.

Last, don't forget to take certain template with you.......

Posted by: Rusty Shackleford at August 10, 2005 04:38 PM
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