August 08, 2005


I don't mean to seem unappreciative, it's just that I'm a bit confused.

See when Robbo & Steve-O handed over the keys to the butcher shop I didn't realize I'd have to deal with Steve-O's strange obsessions. There's a reason LMC does a majority of the flash-in-the-pan babe postings. I'm thinking the Llama readership would drop of if they knew about Steve-O's strange fetish for all things Bea Arthur and Luke Skywalker.

I'm also a bit concerned about his breeding habits, I never thought the inflatable sheep I sent over a couple of months back would be put to use.

It's disturbing to say the least.

Posted by phin at August 8, 2005 09:20 AM | TrackBack

Mmmmmm....Bea Arthur!

Posted by: Steve the llamabutcher at August 9, 2005 10:49 PM
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