August 08, 2005

So I Get This Email...

.... from Steve-o on Saturday morning. It went something like this:

sadie---i've added for you posting access at the llamas. feel free for you, phin, and kathy to thoroughly have fun at our expense.

Can I get an "amen" in the stately LLama mansion? Oh...well....I didn't think so.

The more amusing aspect of Steve-o's email, besides the nonexistent use of proper syntax, that is, was my response:

Dude. I'm getting married on Tuesday. While I'd love to guest blog for you boys, I think that things might be a wee bit hectic next week.

He seemed a bit flustered at that point:

Next week---really? It's already that time?

Apparently, he doesn't much keep up with the crap I post on my blog. So indeed, I have worked up a suitable method to repay his careful attentions. Stay tuned.

Hey, LMC, Phin, Kathy - will someone hand me a margarita? Thank you, dahlings. Time for some table dancing...

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