August 04, 2005


I just got a call from the college's PR person that the local tee-vee channel was looking for some on camera commentary on the whole "Over There" tee-vee show. Alas, I live an hour from campus and it's not worth the time to go in just for that. But if I had, here's a sample of my talking points:

FX Network?......Isn't that some Australian cable porn thing?

Okay, so I probably wouldn't have said that one out loud, and would have gone with something more like:

FX Network?.....Don't they have lower ratings than the CBS Evening News? I mean, who is going to be watching it? Seriously, though, it's less realistic a reflection of the actual military than JAG, and that says a lot...

The heart of the political matter is this:

One thing you can be sure of is that conservative activists----whether amateur bloggers or the professional party folks---are not going to sit idly by and allow the mainstream media and Hollywood to recreate the "Winter Soldier" scenario or allow unchallenged the emergence of a "Iraq Veterans Against the War" movement. It took the Swift Vets thirty years to be able to challenge John Kerry's statements about Vietnam: Paul Hackett-types are going to find that they are going to be challenged by other veterans within thirty seconds. They are not going to stand by and let the media and parts of Hollywood smear another generation of American soldiers and Marines as a bunch of whacked out, suicidal, homicidal maniacs and war criminals. There will be no Deer Hunters or Apocalypse Nows.

Just wait for the reception Jane Fonda is going to get on her tour this fall.

Now I need to finish cutting the lawn and then take the kids to the pool.

J. Elmer Puttgrass signing off...

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