August 03, 2005


Here's the question for you Potterheads out there:

If he could obtain it, would Harry use The Ring to defeat Voldemort?

You know, I think he would. I could see the wee bastard slitting Frodo's throat, getting Ron to hold the little Hobbit legs, and be entirely justified in his moral sense that it was alright----they were doing it to defeat Voldemort, so the ends justify the means.

Okay, so I don't see him killing Frodo, as that would violate the whole "would your dead mum want you to be a homicidal felon?" conundrum. But I would see him stealing it, or at the very minimum having no compunction to using it.

Why the sudden Potter jag? Scott over at Left of the Dial has an outstanding discussion of the role of honor, lying, and cheating in the Potterverse, questioning Harry's suitability as a hero for the ease by which he is willing to lie, cheat and steal to attain his goals. This triggered a reaction from me about the role of academic cheating at Hogwarts, and the casual way in which Rowling handles the perfunctory cheating by her star students.

Posted by Steve at August 3, 2005 03:04 PM | TrackBack

The school, indeed the whole wizards' world there, is very Darwinian. Snapes and all of the professors arbitrarily take points from the other houses and award them to their own houses.

Posted by: rbj at August 3, 2005 03:53 PM

Cheating is an honored tradition of the Triwizard's Cup Competition.

Harry would not use the ring - but he would ask Gandalf to assist with killing Voldermort.

Posted by: wizard at August 3, 2005 04:35 PM

I totally think Harry would steal and use The Ring. No doubt about it. He is a rule breaker and is often compared to his father, who broke a fair share of rules in his time.

Posted by: kimberly at August 3, 2005 05:11 PM

Remember, the kid's going through puberty. That whole listening to his dead mother / conscience thing isn't gonna have sway much longer.

Posted by: tee bee at August 3, 2005 05:31 PM

Harry would totally use the Ring to get rid of Voldemort, if he could.

I'm glad that you brought up the issue of all the homework cheating that goes on, because it's been bothering me from the first book!

Posted by: Princess Jami at August 3, 2005 06:14 PM

the 'one ring' was was, it is not available for Harry...

but Frodo and Gandalf live and they would help Harry.

Frodo and Hermione would make a cute couple

Posted by: wizard at August 3, 2005 08:16 PM

Harry would not even realize what the ring was. He would use it inadvertantly, defeat Voldemort, and then be saved by Dumbledore in a typical J.K. Rowling "deus ex machina" ending. It woulds all be explained to Harry in the hospital ward afterward. And somehow, once again, Snape wasn't to blame.

Oh, and we'd probably get a few new flavors of jelly beans.

Posted by: The Colossus at August 4, 2005 08:02 AM

Harry would knife Frodo in the back to get the Ring - and wouldn't wipe his blade afterward.

Posted by: Steve at August 5, 2005 01:48 AM
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