July 29, 2005

80's/90's Icon Babe-age

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Lea Thompson, ladies and gentlemen. One can hardly call her "flash-in-the-pan" because she was around for such a long time. Best attribute: Girl Next Door looks just barely covering smoldering passions underneath. First major role: Psycho-Girl in one of the kick-ass Truly Bad Films of all time, Red Dawn. Say it with me, y'all - Wolverines! Best role: the incredibly hot chick trapped in the Eisenhower Era in that paramount of High Reaganism movie making, Back to the Future. The scenes between her and 4 foot 11 inch Michael J. Fox are truly inspired. Take your damn hands off her, Alex P. Keaton! Not enough to break gravitational pull but still fun to watch tee vee series: Caroline in the City , a show which, although I couldn't tell you a single thing about it now, I watched with regular intensity back in the day.

I somehow understood that when Lea started doing car commercials, she was professionally doomed. Nonetheless, she seems to be hanging about in made-for-tee-vee-movie land these days. The LMC often states that Estrogen Channel movies are a flash-in-the-pan staple. Of course, he also says that lesbian experimentation is another such marker, but so far as I know, she has not gone this route.

YIPS from Steve: Mmmmmm, Leah Thompson. But you are forgetting her star making turns in Jaws 3-D as "Kelly Ann Bukowski," not to mention as Tom Cruise's goody-two shoes band geek girlfriend in All the Right Moves. From there, how can you go wrong career-wise appearing in Howard Duck and in Casual Sex, opposite Andrew Dice Clay?

I mean, she's no Diane Lane (let alone the divine Laura Linney) but hey, you can't hold that against her.

Speaking of which, Gary at XDONK is seriously in arrears for his weekly Diane Lane orgle-a-thon. I mean, its been Saturday for five minutes and it's not up yet, for crying out loud! Have you no shame, man?

SATURDAY YIPS FROM STEVE: Situation rectified!

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The terms of my restraining order prevent me from commenting on Lea. If you're reading this Lea, I know you still love me, and I know that soon we'll be together forever . . . mwa ha ha (kidding).

Posted by: The Colossus at July 30, 2005 11:29 PM
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