July 15, 2005

Just So There's No Doubt...

I am 5% Hippie.
So Not a Hippie.
What? Am I a Republican? Why did I even bother taken this test?! I guess Iíll back to my George W. Bush fan club and tell them I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. At least I donít stink, man.
Take the
Hippie Test
@ FualiDotCom

Beat that, LMC!

Yips! to Brian B., who's a flamin' flower child compared to me.

Posted by Robert at July 15, 2005 02:30 PM | TrackBack

I only scored 48% hippie. It is clear that this was written by a Republican who doesn't have a real idea about what a hippie is. I am going to organize a protest...

Posted by: LB buddy at July 15, 2005 02:46 PM

Dang! I was expecting you to peg that one. I'll have to speak to J. Winthrop Chester IV about the questions he chose.....

Posted by: Robert the LB at July 15, 2005 02:50 PM

I yield at a disappointing 9% hippie rating. I think you edged me out on the number of animals in the house. [Note to self: feed felines to boxer before leaving for drill.]

Posted by: LMC at July 15, 2005 02:53 PM

I was all of 12% hippie. They didn't ask if you sent your kids to hippie school.

Posted by: Jordana at July 15, 2005 04:12 PM

Just as well. Even though our local Shrine to the Blessed St. Marie of the Holistic Teaching Method is pretty rigid in its old-fashioned orthodoxy, mere mention of Montessori would probably crank my numbers to the point where I'd have to wear Berkies and grow pot in my basement.

Posted by: Robert the LB at July 15, 2005 04:36 PM

Huh 25% hippie.
What were we talking about, man?

Posted by: rbj at July 15, 2005 05:21 PM

I would have scored even higher on the hippie scale if asked about footwear (Jesus sandals), but had it adjusted back down based on the urge to strangle them after the third use of "Man".

Posted by: Brian B at July 15, 2005 06:18 PM

A single digit rating confirming my boring appearance....

Posted by: KMR at July 15, 2005 10:04 PM

30% hippie -- had you asked me most of these questions 20 years ago, I'm sure I'd've scored muy higher, man...

Posted by: LDH at July 17, 2005 02:05 AM
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