June 03, 2005

A Happy Meeting of Memes

Somebody Googled in here looking for Madeline Kahn songs. Since the Babel Fish meme is still fairly fresh, it occurred to me that one of her more famous ditties would be particularly appropriate for being put through the English-German-French-English wringer. So here goes:

here, I, the goddess of the balanced men
of the desire am on fires
have to me this energy
midday of morning and night am surrounded to him drink and slightly fast Romancing dancing
and then a stage of shower
always carries johnnies me,
it me a request always continue,
its practices luesternen realizes can,
me a rabbit am not,

me remainder requires me sick and am tired
tired love me my abundance of the love
by below being had and on tired,
tired by admired love not inspired
left tired
you us it to always confront who me

I am tired
am with 1000' S of the men be,
still, and with right girls early to always promise?
I is not to play of the play am tired,
tired it a dishonour crying which I am thus tired god dammit,
me am exhausted tired,
to play of the play am not tired
it a crying dishonour which I am if tired

[ soldiers: _ ] they tired (they tired),
patient and tired the love (to give they cut tired),
which them them abundance the love (they not a queue)
gebruell and on (not to be able they they to see sick)
tired (they bushed)
to tire to admire (to only leave they them)
to tire the step to inspire love (to go they telephones it far)
they, (not to know they they to pump)

I with 1000' S the man, always still,
it they to resemble it melody to sing
they with byron and shelly to start and
on their belly to jump and tired,
to play of the play it is not freakin ' a dishonour am...

thus makes us you it confront
tired very under the size kapput is!

[ Soldiers: ] tired!

Posted by Robert at June 3, 2005 06:06 PM

It's funnier when you do it with quotes from Dean or Kerry.

Posted by: Diana at June 5, 2005 04:35 PM

Really, how many ways can you translate "YYYYEEEAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!"

Posted by: Brian B at June 6, 2005 12:55 PM

So that's how they come up with modern poetry!

Posted by: Lynn S at June 6, 2005 02:31 PM
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