May 31, 2005

"On Second Thoughts, Let's Not Go To The Street Pedlar. It 'Tis A Silly Place."

Here's a silly little meme I picked up from the Impenetrable One:

1. Take the lyrics to a favorite song.
2. Go to Babelfish, translate the lyrics into German, then from German to French, and finally from French back into English.
3. Post the results verbatim.
4. Invite friends to guess the song based on the interesting new lyrics.

Okay, mine ought to be pretty easy for you lot. But it's still amusing:

We are knights of the round table. We dance more whene' er which us in LageSIND. We make programs and scenes of choral society with the perfect work of leg. Us infants well here in the Street pedlar. We eat many hams and a congestion and Spam. We are knights of the round table. Our publication impressing, much marks which to us are given Reime, are however which is enough unsingable. We are the opera which is furious in the Street pedlar. We sing much the membrane. In KriegSIND us durably and the situation, rather untiring. Between our research us western sequin and Clark Giebel impersonate. It is a life employed in the Street pedlar. I must support on Pram with much.

UPDATE: Here's another (non-Python) song that I've always liked. You'll either recognize it or not:

There Herr-Horrible Mr who terrible phone call for Mr Horrible Drank, before it cannot speak it with ugliness the men a terrible business is on the left, so that it considers déagréable something, ruined on his become brain, like it washes it, says far "is terrible this one? Terrible this one is it? They are ugliness the men, Mr Horrible, to test us right is to hear you, us thought that our a thing could be dreadfulness to disturb to you."

Mr said Horrible however," I do not worry who disturb to shift around the thing who is me somebody holds wants to say, the chair "

"You would worry, more if we compensate for this milk glass, in which your friend of visit was killed by error? It made today differently with you, if we wrote an advertisement of things which we forget, with a green magic marking okay its, if it is well on the back of your head?"

"Mister terrible Herr-Horrible us are not made with you, but it must to test above Mr Horrible You, therefore can Ugliness men to decide, if they are as painful right, as we think as we must be sure on this one."

Mr. Horrible say however, "me do not worry who are around of the thing, to me some one hold want to say, the chair disturbs to shift these trousers some one holds, wants to say the chair to shift." Mr said Horrible, "I worry who do not disturb to shift around thing which is me some one holds wants to say, the chair"

Kinda poetic in a Bizarro-World way.

Oh, and here's the original, in case you're curious.

Posted by Robert at May 31, 2005 01:05 PM

Ah yes, one of the greatest Monty Python songs ever.

Posted by: phin at May 31, 2005 01:36 PM

"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place."

Posted by: The Colossus at May 31, 2005 01:45 PM

Ack! Next time I'll read your post's title before I comment . . .

Posted by: The Colossus at May 31, 2005 01:53 PM

"Someone Keeps Moving My Chair" TMBG, Flood

Posted by: Eric J at May 31, 2005 02:33 PM

I tried "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".


Posted by: Brian B at May 31, 2005 03:52 PM

Yeah, same deal with "MacArthur Park".

Posted by: Robert the LB at May 31, 2005 03:59 PM

An interesting one for this tune, which barely makes sense in the original:"...and as I watched him on the steam turbine and gas turbine systems My hands were clenched in fists OF rises up NO fishing rod fount in brightly Could BREAK that Satan's spell and as the flames climbed high into the night tons light the sacrificial rite I saw Satan lye-hung with delight.

Posted by: T Marcell at May 31, 2005 05:34 PM

I likes large pistons and I can to lie it other brothers not to refuse to be able that, if a girl goes to waste inside with one itty bitty and a round thing in your face risen, you liked to pull up that front Cuz keep you receive to consider that piston was filled deeply in the Jeans

Posted by: dorkafork at June 1, 2005 10:06 AM
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