May 14, 2005

It's scary because it's true....

From Scrumptious Sadie we get this test:

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 60%
Lust: 20%
Wrath: 20%
Envy: 0%
Gluttony: 0%
Greed: 0%
Pride: 0%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%
You will die with your hand down your underwear, watching Stargate.
How Sinful Are You?

Of course, if blogging counts as Sloth, privily I say unto thee I'm screwed.

Posted by Steve at May 14, 2005 05:37 PM

Oh NO! You'll die like Al Bundy lives.......

Posted by: sadie at May 14, 2005 06:49 PM

Same thing I got. Damn!

Posted by: Dash at May 14, 2005 08:38 PM

That sounds preternaturually accurate.

From now on, you must watch Stargate naked.

Posted by: Tom at May 15, 2005 03:38 AM

I'll meet you in hell Steve. We have a few things in common.

Posted by: babs at May 15, 2005 10:13 PM
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