November 11, 2004

Ambassadorial Ideas

The guys at Wizbang have a number of ideas for our diplomatic efforts, namely nominating John Kerry to be ambassador to the Ivory Coast, and to send Bill Clinton as the US representative to Arafat's funeral (although I do like the idea of sending Sarah Michelle Gellar, just in case the bastard tries to get out of the grave).

I've got a better idea: nominate Bill Clinton to be the American Ambassador to France.


It would follow two of LBJ's cardinal principles: 1.) keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and B.) better to have them inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.

Clinton would take it, because he'd be in Paris, where they love him, while Hillary? She'd be back in the states. And the fact that the Europeans love him, and he them, could prove a subtle way to at least defuse tensions.

Posted by Steve at November 11, 2004 10:49 PM

Since BC seems to be somewhat of an expert in BJs, France would be an entirely appropriate ambassadorial assignment. After all, they call it "French," not "Greek" sex.

Posted by: John at November 12, 2004 01:56 PM

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