June 27, 2005

First Thing We Do, Let's Blog The Lawyers

Phin, Sadie and Kathy have got a pretty interesting discussion going about why lawyers are disliked so much. Kathy, in particular, ranks on a particular brand of "bad" lawyer that ruins the reputation of the profession and sours public opinion:

Have I mentioned that this particular type of lawyer is also the kind who will send you a bill for their services and will then bill you for the postage which enabled your bill to work its way through the postal system? I just flat-out love that. It's just so brazen! So brash! So fucking arrogant! If the rest of us tried this sort of thing, we'd be beaten within an inch of our lives. So we don't do it. But that doesn't stop them. They're entitled.

Not only have I worked for this particular breed of lawyer (I was the low woman on the totem pole in the office: I was the one who had to add the cost of a stamp to every client's bill), the husband has also been represented by their ilk. And I despise them. They are so desperate to increase their bottom line, they will violate any and all trust that they've established with you to get what they want, which is maximum money for minimum effort.

Kathy rants about how these lawyers treat their clients. If it's any comfort to those of you who feel you've been screwed by a lawyer at some point, the truth of the matter (Sadie, you may want to close your eyes) is that this is how this type of lawyer treats other lawyers as well, including and often especially those within his or her own firm. The amount of back-stabbing, claim-jumping, secession and outright exploitation that goes on in large chunks of the private bar is truly staggering. From what I've seen personally, as well as from the chats I've had with head-hunters and colleagues, it seems to be getting much worse, at least in the Dee Cee market. And all of it goes to the issue of bottom line personal profitability.

Posted by Robert at June 27, 2005 03:52 PM

What say we legalize the oldest profession, and ban the second oldest instead?

Posted by: McGehee at June 27, 2005 09:23 PM

You're locked in a cage with a gorilla, a tiger and a lawyer. You have a revolver with only two bullets. What do you do?

You shoot the lawyer . . . twice.

Posted by: D. Carter at June 27, 2005 10:37 PM

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