June 15, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor, the Bastard

I've got to head over to a meeting at church this evening. As a vestryman, I've been assigned to head up the parish life committee, whose primary responsibility is to encourage fellowship among the parishoners. This evening's meeting is a brainstorming session to come up with new ways to make the church more of a center of community.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with these 7:30 events, I won't have time to eat before the meeting, which means I'll show up very hungry, tired and consequently, curmudgeonly. It strikes me that there is a certain amount of irony in going to a meeting devoted to trying to find ways to bring people together when I'm in the frame of mind of pretty much wishing all of humanity to the devil.

Ah well, if the metro doesn't fail me, I can hit a Starbucks on the way over. A vente iced latte can go very far toward soothing the savage breast.

UPDATE: Mmmm....iced latte. The drink of the Gods. I love you guys.

Posted by Robert at June 15, 2005 06:09 PM

When you brainstorm, consider installing a Starbucks in the foyer. Income, fellowship and caffeine for Church projects. Just a thought.

Posted by: JWebb at June 15, 2005 07:18 PM

Ooooo, venti iced latte, yummmm!

Charity/Fellowship begins at home. I'm sure others are experiencing the same syptoms. What better way to fellowship than to "break bread" with your fellow committee members. At my church most evening meetings have either a pot luck set-up or pizza and salad.

Posted by: michele at June 15, 2005 07:57 PM

Or hit a deli and arrive with a luscious picnic. Thereby getting dinner and making a point. You can always get a little extra of something to share.

Posted by: JulieB at June 15, 2005 09:06 PM

Wow, you guys get all excited about Starbucks as if it were a real coffee house. Y'all need to come visit the Pacific Northwest some time. Yeah, Starbucks is everywhere, but it's treated more like the place you go when you're in a hurry and no better option is en route. Full City, Dutch Brothers, any one of a number of local establishments... mmmm coffee....

Posted by: Brian B at June 16, 2005 09:00 AM

Not so "love they neighborly" of you to rub it in, Brian... maybe you could send them a pound of beans to make up for it. ;-)

Posted by: tee bee at June 16, 2005 10:27 AM

Not so "love they neighborly" of you to rub it in, Brian...

That's why I'm not any committees at church.

Posted by: Brian B at June 16, 2005 11:27 AM

Appropriately misappropriated M*A*S*H quote:

Parishoner 1: I wonder how a degenerated person like that could have reached a position of responsibility in the Episcopal Church?

Parishoner 2: He was drafted.

Posted by: Robert the LB at June 16, 2005 11:49 AM
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