May 03, 2005

T.J. Bashing

Stephen Bainbridge, having cleared his head of the miasmatic fumes of Hero Worship that permeate every inch of the campus of "Mr. Jefferson's University" (known to many as "T.J. State"), has much more realistic (and harsher) feelings towards That Man these days.

Heh. FWIW, those of us picking up our degrees at another pair of Virginians' school down the road spent a good bit of time snickering at young Mr. Bainbridge and his cohorts. (We never indulge in that sort of idolatry. No, sirree! And take your hat off when you speak of the Generals.) Glad to see the Prof. has broken free of the Jeffersonian Spell.

(Note to Steve-O: I dare you to tell everyone about what you did to T.J.'s statue that time. And don't say you simply misjudged the wind.....)

Posted by Robert at May 3, 2005 04:49 PM
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